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TAPD mini-modules week 6: Responding to the poll

This semester, we’ve carved out time from the Teaching Assistants’ normal duties—a half-hour per week—to use for professional development activities. This post series tracks our weekly goals and activities. The slides are just right. The timing is on lock. This time,┬áthis time, I’m going to nail that description of the First Law of Thermodynamics. The […]

Participate in your own Learning Catalytics polls

Last term, instead of the UBC-standard iClickers, we used Learning Catalytics as our personal response system in the classroom. Joss Ives has detailed his workflow with the system, which involved three different devices (one to run the lecture slides, one to project the student view of Catalytics, and one to run the instructor side of […]

Creating a collaborative classroom

This semester, I am a lecture TA again, this time teaming up with Joss Ives (@jossives) in Physics 101 (Energy and Waves). Together, we have decided to again implement the pre-class overheads in the lecture, intending to use them as a tool to promote student discussions. We feel that they can be useful for a […]