A cloudy dissertation

Have you wondered what a theoretical physics thesis looks like as a word cloud?

I have.

Conveniently, I have a thesis which is readily available to me. In fact, it’s my own, which was accepted in final version just last week (August 13th). You can find the real thing here, although I probably wouldn’t recommend reading any of it, unless you’re really keen.

Instead, take a look at the word cloud below. See if you can find any shapes in it.

WordItOut-word-cloud-393239 copy

‘Fields’, ‘theories’, and ‘field theories’ all played prominent roles in my thesis.


[Word cloud made at worditout.com.]



  1. First off, congratulations on your new honorific. Second, according to your dissertation, it is just a theory.

    1. Thanks for the congrats Joss!

      Do you mean to say this suggests that strings are ‘just a theory’? If so, that’s fine by me – you’re welcome to interpret this word cloud however you like!

      1. Meh. I wasn’t really suggesting anything. Just remarking at how front and center “theory” is. Second only to “field”, a word which couples nicely to theory.

      2. Actually, I think ‘field’ is a little bigger – which I think would make sense. In the thesis, I have a lot of fields, some theories, and quite a bit of talk about field theories.

        I was pleased that ‘baryon(s)’, ‘brane(s)’, and ‘black’ (holes) all showed up quite large here – these are the words I used to make an alliterative thesis title, before I word clouded anything.

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