Monthly Archives: January 2014

Creating a collaborative classroom

This semester, I am a lecture TA again, this time teaming up with Joss Ives (@jossives) in Physics 101 (Energy and Waves). Together, we have decided to again implement the pre-class overheads in the lecture, intending to use them as a tool to promote student discussions. We feel that they can be useful for a […]

Guest post: “Breaking Bad” – Encouraging Two-Stage Exams in Science Classrooms

(This is a guest post by Chad Atkins, PhD candidate in the Department of Chemistry at UBC. Find him on Twitter as @chemchad.) If asked how science is taught at a university level, a common response would likely start by describing details of the class: there would be a pale and grizzled professor with graying […]

A guide to being a lecture TA

A new role for TAs In the flipped classrooms of reformed large enrolment first-year physics courses, as instantiated in Physics 100 and other courses at UBC, much of the typical monologue has been replaced with clicker questions and worksheets, making room for students to think and work with peers and the instructor and rendering the term […]