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Simpsons and prone bikes: Pre-class overheads (October 21 – 25)

This week, we continued talking about conservation of energy and the work-energy theorem and began to talk about power. Something I did not appreciate when I first learned these concepts was how power-ful they really are.┬áSome of the problems we did in lecture include estimating the fuel efficiency of a car and estimating how much […]

Roller coasters and Red Bull Stratos: Pre-class overheads (October 14 – 18)

This week in Physics 100, we began talking about mechanical energy. For our first class this week, I went back to what I feel is one of the canonical examples of mechanical energy conservation: the roller coaster. This is something I explicitly remember as being the topic of energy problems in my high school physics […]

The pre-class overhead in the physics lecture

This semester, I am a lecture TA in Physics 100, a first year algebra based physics course for students who have not taken Physics 12 in high school. As a lecture TA, I spend my time in the lectures, supporting the students as they tackle worksheets and clicker questions (and sometimes getting to do a […]